National Monument and Preserve Craters of the Moon

Craters of the Moon is a wide ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of the cones of ash and wormwood. Lava landscape is the result of periodic volcanoes along the Great Rift, chain crack length nearly 100 kilometers from north to south, stretching through the park. Series of eruptions in Hawaii style over the past 15000 years have made lava tubes, cones, ash and many lava flows, are available from 11th kilometer of serpentine road.

We invite you to explore this "weird and scenic landscape" where yesterday's volcanic events are likely to continue tomorrow …


The park is located in the desert south of Idaho. Summer days are warm and dry, with after dinner winds, is a norm. Winters are always cold - the day are usually frozen. Craters of the Moon in the winter get most of its 42 songs inches of rain is usually in the form of snow. Contrary to the barren lava and small amount of moisture, it is still an amazing diversity of plants and animals can survive here.


Lava is very sharp and abrasive. Wear sturdy shoes and watch your steps. Summer months are dry, hot and windy. Bring drinking water, if you plan to be in reserve more than one hour. Reliable flashlight is required for all caves.

What can be done

Visitor Center - start here with films, exhibitions and get a schedule of designated walks led by rangers and other evening programs. Bookstore of Craters of the Moon Natural History Association located in the center for visitors.

Camping - has 51 seats among the lava formations outside the center for visitors. Campsites are equipped with picnic tables, grills, running water and toilets nearby. There is no gas, electricity and showers. Since wood deficient in this volcanic desert, fires of wood is prohibited in the camp. Charcoal cooking is sold in the center for visitors. Designated campsites booked as revenue (first come or call ahead, and he falls into one of 51 places for camping). However, camping is rarely crowded, so finding a place for camping is usually not a problem.

North Crater Flow - shortest route (0,5 km) crosses one of the younger flows to the monoliths - fragments of craters moved here lava flows. Nearby is a longer route (5,8 km), winding through the outlet North Crater and leaving the parking lot gushers Cones / Large Craters

Devils Orchard - island-like fragments of lava are located in the sea of ash. Come on arm of roads and other short routes for walking (0,8 km), available through the strange details of the relief. Learn about the impact of man on the park and how the park is protected today.

Inferno Cone - from the top of the cone (short, steep walk to 0,7 km) you will see the cone of ashes, which are laid along The Great Rift. Big Cinder Butte, towering above the plain of lava to the south, is one of the world's largest basalt cones of ash.

Spatter Cones and Big Craters Area - Stroll along the shortest available route to see these miniature volcanoes. You can also look at the spectacular Big Craters walking 0,8 km along the steep part of the route of the Northern Crater, which branches off to the west.

Trails to Tree Molds, Broken Top, and Wilderness - offshoot from the main road immediately after the Inferno Cone leads to this route. View print lava burned trees along the Tree Molds Trail (3 km). Broken Top Trail (self-governance) goes around the cone of ash (3 km). Wilderness Trail leads to a direct-formed trees, which are called the trees of the lava, (6,4 km) and further to the area wildlife.

Cave Area - Inspect the tube lava-Dewdrop, Boy Scout, Beauty and the Indian Tunnel - 1 km route across the lava. In all the caves, except Indian Tunnel, you should have flashlights and extra batteries.

Warning: the study of these natural, wild caves can be dangerous. Stay away from dangerous sections, marked by signs or fences.


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